About the Plimmerton Residents’ Association (PRA)

Plimmerton Residents’ Association is a voluntary not-for-profit community organisation made up of community members elected annually. Its purpose is to work on behalf of residents for the betterment of our community for present and future generations.

Subscriptions are $20 per household.  In addition, voluntary member donations are welcomed to supplement funding of PRA projects and activities.  Official receipts can be issued enabling a tax credit to be claimed for donations over $5.

The PRA’s financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

The specific objectives are to:

  • work on behalf of the residents of Plimmerton, and immediate surrounding areas, on matters affecting their interest and amenities of the district.
  • pursue matters of wider interest affecting citizens of our city.
  • promote better understanding of local body affairs and to actively maintain dialogue with the mayor, councillors and administration of Porirua City and other local bodies.
  • liaise with other community-based groups in the matters of common interest
  • keep residents informed on matters affecting their interest.

Things have changed since the first residents association was established here in 1927. We now have a greater voice resulting from change in local authority legislation which requires councils to consult with their communities.

This has enabled us to influence the direction of council spending in Plimmerton on projects which are additional to essential infrastructural services (water reticulation, sewerage, rubbish collection etc)

Looking at the big picture the PRA also involves itself with matters that affect the greater city community such as national roading policies that impact not only on the local community but the whole region.

Several years ago every street in Plimmerton held meetings from which a village plan was developed. This has been the blueprint for years of improvements in the area including the promenade development, pedestrian and roading upgrades, a safer railway crossing, an underpass to the domain providing commuter parking, safer and more aesthetic fencing and other environmental improvements. Three major projects are under way in 2010 including the total refurbishment of the railway station, production and placement of seats around the waterfront…and development of this website which will help us to keep our community and visitors informed about what is happening in Plimmerton today and its interesting history.

How to join

All residents are welcome to join the association.

Please complete the membership form and email it to us plimmertonra@gmail.com

Click here to view the PDF.

Payment by direct credit to Westpac account number 03-1533-0019155-00. If you prefer to pay by cheque please include your name and contact details and mail to Treasurer Plimmerton Residents’ Association, PO Box 57-027, Mana.

PRA Pioneers

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