Plimmerton Residents’ Association Minutes and Meeting Dates

Residents are welcome to attend meetings. Please contact us at if you wish to come along. That way we can include you on the agenda. If there is a particular issue you want to raise, let us know what it is and please come armed with ideas and action plan!

Currently we hold meetings in a small venue, Plimmerton Deli, so if guests are attending we need to change the meeting to a larger space.

Meetings are held every second Monday of each month at 4pm.

The AGM this year was cancelled due to Level 2 Covid 19 restrictions.

The exceptional legislation in place to cover Covid 19 restrictions allowed PRA to explore electronic options not specifically provided for in the constitution.

The formal business of the AGM was therefore conducted through email and website communication with an electronic vote by financial members.

This enabled PRA to complete statutory obligations and elect a new executive committee.

The candidates for election were also named and financial members invited once again to stand for the committee themselves.

After being advised of this process financial members were emailed the 2019-20 AGM minutes, the financial statements for this period and to elect committee members and asked to approve these.

Click below to download 2020 AGM documents

Plimmerton Residents’ Association 2019 AGM

The 2019 meeting was held at Plimmerton Boating Club, Plimmerton on Monday, 12th August at 7.00pm

Click below to download 2019 AGM documents

2020 PRA Meeting Dates

Plimmerton Residents’ Association Executive Committee Meeting Dates 2020

Meetings held on the 2nd Monday of the month, at 7.30pm in the Plimmerton School Staff Room.


Monday 10th February
Monday 9 March 
Monday 6 April (avoids Easter)
Monday 11 May 
Monday 8 June 
Monday 13 July 
Monday 10 August 
Monday 17 August AGM 
Monday 14 September 
Monday 12 October 
Monday 9 November 
Monday 7 December

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