Plimmerton Residents’ Association Newsletter

What’s new in Plimmerton is our monthly community newsletter. It is published in the last week of each month with news of what is happening here over the next few weeks. Contributions are invited by email and should be sent to by the third week of each month.

The newsletter goes to hundreds of people on our email mailing list so it’s a great vehicle for encouraging community participation and to share information. Businesses, organisations, clubs, groups and individuals are invited to communicate with our community through the newsletter.

A hundred copies are generously printed by Tommy’s Real Estate for visitors to pick up from key sites around Plimmerton.

Once a year we deliver a printed newsletter that reminds residents what is planned for the coming year and invites them to support those projects by paying their annual $15 per household subs and getting involved in a hands-on way with everything from stream clearing and tag removal to offering professional support.
All residents are welcome to be part of the PRA’s programme and opportunities are offered in every newsletter.

PRA newsletters to view and download

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