Plimmerton Station Upgrade – Update

An action-packed programme of work is underway at Plimmerton Train Station. It is expected to be completed by early 2023. Find out more about the project and when work will take place. 

Why is Plimmerton Train Station being upgraded? 

KiwiRail and Greater Wellington Regional Council are upgrading the Wellington rail network to cater for future population growth. The mahi in Plimmerton will allow more trains to operate in the coming years. Trains will be able to turn around at Plimmerton, enabling services that currently run to Porirua to be extended. This will help with capacity at peak times. Find out more on the KiwiRail website. 

What does the upgrade involve?

An additional platform will be built and some of the tracks rail tracks will be realigned. Safety improvements will also be made. This includes upgrades to the Steyne Avenue and Pascoe Avenue level crossings.

The existing pedestrian crossing located at the south end of the platform will be removed. The underpass will be extended, with the ceiling height increased in one section, and earthquake strengthened.

Once the work is done, you’ll see improved level crossings, a new platform and shelter, an improved underpass, and more trains. Pedestrian access to the station platforms will change over the next two years. 

Upcoming work 

Find out when work will take place and how it will affect our community. 

October/November 2021

  • Creating a new car parking area for the station in the former Big Mac Slab area beside Palmers.

Mid-November 2021

  • Each side of the tracks on the north side at the Steyne Avenue level crossing fenced and line of cones on outside of fence to prepare a temporary road.

Plimmerton Domain

  • Parking on the domain side of the station will be closed off to be used for construction and the new parking by Palmers opened. Former parking area will stay closed until August 2022.
  • Temporary bus stop will be clearly marked in the new parking area.
  • Pedestrian access to the station will stay open as well as access for the archery club and art club.

Christmas 2021 (26-31 December)

  • Level crossing will be upgraded. After the Christmas BoL finishes in January, then this work to install pedestrian mazes will require shoulder closures at the Steyne Avenue level crossing.
  • A temporary road will be built to the north of the crossing to maintain access into and out of Plimmerton village.
  • There may be periods of stop/go traffic management needed on this temporary road over the Christmas period but no complete closure.

Pedestrian underpass (26 Dec 2021 to 10 Jan 2022)

  • The underpass will be closed to all traffic.
  • A section of the current underpass will be demolished (the smaller lower part) and replaced with a new larger section.
  • Strengthening the section that is not being replaced.
  • A detour for pedestrians and cyclists will be in place via SH1 and Steyne Ave.

 Plimmerton Station (26 Dec 2021 to 10 Jan 2022)

  • Station will be closed and trains replaced with a bus service.
  • Regrading and resurfacing on the existing platforms.

St Andrews Rd (Mainline Steam bridge)

  • This area will be used for truck access particularly over the Christmas period.
  • Caution required for pedestrians using this area throughout construction.


  • Continued track work from Steyne Avenue through to north of the station.
  • Partial removal of the existing pedestrian crossing at the south end of the platform to comply with design and safety standards.
  • New platform and track.
  • Pedestrian level crossing upgrades at Steyne Avenue and Pascoe Avenue.
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