PCC clears Taupo stream banks in Plimmerton Domain

The aim of the clearing of the streamside vegetation is to control the current pest plants and to start proactively managing the pernicious aquatic weeds found in the stream channel.  The current observed aquatic weeds are a high light requiring species.  Where shading has been observed, these species are not present.

The plan is to remove all pest plants and anything else that shelter pest plants.  The flaxes were removed for two reasons: the clumps were full of blackberry and Great bindweed and they were too close to the foot path or mowing areas where their leaves get caught up in machinery.  The vegetation on the roadside of the stream has had the blackberry cut out and will be controlled for the next 12 months.  The wildling macrocarpa trees will also be removed.

Both sides will have the pest plant populations controlled for the next 12 months, planting will occur on the park side in winter 2020.  The road side vegetation will then be tidied up further and pest plant populations more actively managed for a further 12 months.  The planting for the roadside is scheduled for winter 2021.

Flaxes will be reintroduced as well and numerous other native riparian species.  The flaxes will be planted further back into the garden and used as a back drop.  The goal of the planting is to significantly increase shade cover over the waterway to passively manage the aquatic weeds.

Malcolm Birch
Porirua City Council
Manager Horticulture
Kaiwhakahaere Ahuone

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