Text and photo by Taffy Parry – added 27 October 2012

The shining cuckoo although it’s back it didn’t stay long for a nice shot. You can hear it singing a repetitous song down in the Airlie Rd valley trying to attract an unwary warbler to give its nesting address away…

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Photo and text by Taffy Parry

Photo of a juvenile shining cuckoo with its surrogate mother, the grey warbler.

Taken in November 2011 at the top of Airlie Road, Plimmerton.

A couple of months ago when notice went out regarding the long tailed cuckoo visiting Plimmerton I had taken this photo of the shining cuckoo. I took it in Nov but forgot about it primarily as it was of poor definition due mainly I think to the wind which was blowing the birds around and in opposite directions at the same time.

Anyway, you can see that the cuckoo had dropped its egg into the grey warblers nest which was following it almost as if caring for a spoilt child and feeding it when ever it stopped.

The cuckoos are notorious for flying into windows one had done so a few years ago here and I had frozen it immediately and the Te Papa taxidermist has done a good job on it as I am sure that is the one on display. You will not hear them from now on since they migrate to the warmer climate of the islands for winter.

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