July 2014

Alistair Robb

Carolyn Williams:

On behalf of Plimmerton Residents’ Association members, past and present, and all Plimmerton residents, we would like to acknowledge Alistair’s generous and enthusiastic support of our community over many years.

Alistair was always positive about initiatives he saw enhancing life in Plimmerton.  He was a most generous supporter of projects undertaken by the association.  For example:

  • He was very excited by the idea of a website where civil defence, community and other useful information could be shared.  And he saw the web site as a place where stories and pictures of Plimmerton’s past could be shared and preserved for future generations.

An interest-free loan from Alistair in 2010 enabled the PRA to pay a graphic designer and web developer to get the site up and running speedily.  Fees from businesses advertising there allowed us to pay the loan back three years later.

  • Alistair had a passion for history.  He funded the scanning of his historic postcard collection, and photographs from Plimmerton’s past, which have already been used in many displays and presentations.
  • When we were working with Massey University to design and construct a range of seating around Plimmerton’s waterfront, Alistair was one of the first to purchase a plaque and get this project off the ground.
  • Most recently he generously supported the PRA’s redevelopment of Karehana Park.  Pavers were sold to fund construction of paths through the park.  Again Alistair was in at the start of this initiative.  He also very generously assisted by sponsoring a seat in the redeveloped picnic and pétanque area.

People in many of the community organisations Alistair belonged to, and individuals who knew him well, will all have their own stories of Alistair’s kindness and generosity.

One evening, at a PRA meeting, local firefighters were telling us about their upcoming Sky Tower Challenge, a real gut buster where they run up hundreds of steps in full firefighting kit, to raise money for cancer research.  Before they had finished speaking Alistair had written them a cheque which he handed it over with a quiet aside, “here’s something to get you started.”Alistair’s generosity is, of course, not the only thing we will miss about him.  We will greatly miss his thoughtful presence, intelligent insights and wise counsel.  Like the other community groups he was so involved with: Bridge; Lions, and the historical society, numismatists and others we will miss him for these qualities, and particularly his great sense of fun and wicked sense of humour.

We hope there will be lamington’s served with the after-match cuppa. Whenever there was any occasion involving food Alistair would sail in bearing a large platter of cream lamingtons.  It became a standing joke over many years, bottle and plate everyone, Alistair lamingtons!

He was a gentleman, a caring man with a big heart, and will be greatly missed. We extend our sincere sympathy to Alistair’s family and many friends.

Message from PRA chair Colin Bleasdale, currently in Norway:

Alistair was a great contributor to the whole Plimmerton community for many years.  He put in huge efforts through the PRA and a number of other voluntary organisations like Lions.  He was supportive and positive and always saw the better side of people.  He stepped in to help in situations where community or individual assistance was needed. As chair I could not have asked more from Alistair who was very dedicated to this community and to the residents association.  He literally served his community.  He loved Plimmerton and his commitment is reflected in so many ways. We will all miss him very much indeed.

Mana Cruising Club:

Alistair was farewelled today in a service where friends from many fields spoke about his many achievements and  areas of interest from coin and bank note collecting (where he held positions of high office is numismatist circles)to his love of card games including bridge, poker and euchre. Last year Alistair developed a web site to share his love of the complex game of duplicate euchre which he was teaching to clubs around Wellington. His family and friends spoke of a fun loving, hard working individual of great character and generosity.

Alistair Robb 1941 – 2014