Tagging prevention Xoe Hall murals

Research shows that two things are effective deterrents to tagging. One is murals and artworks which it is not appropriate to disrespect. And the other is swift removal of tagging before an alternate crew responds with more tags. PRA working with PCC’s anti-tagging team led by Richard Witheford-Smith developed a rapid response team to eradicate or paint over tags. Tagging and related vandalism costs ratepayers thousands of dollars every year for remediation so it is cost effective to cut it off at the pass.

And as part of this tagging prevention programme PRA commissioned murals for under the road/rail bridge at the entrance to Plimmerton. This spot was an eyesore regularly scrawled with tagging. Local artist Xoe Hall designed and painted in situ two enormous murals under the bridges showing popular characters and locations in Plimmerton.  These murals lightened and brightened the area and have had a positive effect on discouraging tagging in that location.

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