Plimmerton Emergency Management

Porirua City has a great team working in this area and there is comprehensive information on their website (http://www about planning for emergencies and what you should have stored in your home.

In an emergency it will be important to have prepared your home supplies, a plan for your household and set up a Neighbourhood Group. How you do this is outlined on the Wellington Regional Management Office (WREMO) where you will find lots of useful information.

Emergency Operations Structure

WREMO is the central organisation that controls emergency response during an emergency event. They work throughout the region providing advice to communities on preparation and readiness in households and neighbourhoods as well as regular training for volunteers who would be needed to set up and run Community Emergency Hubs through out our region. (For more information see

Porirua has a well equipped Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC) located at 2B Reiha Street in Elsdon which is also the base for the Porirua Emergency Response Team (PERT). Any emergency in the Porirua region is controlled from PEOC.

PERT works under the direction of PEOC carrying out reconnaissance and reporting on the situation in the field by radio. PERT is also trained in Search and Rescue, First Aid and has number of other skills and equipment.

For those of you interested in becoming members of PERT there are opportunities for you to be involved. Contact Alan Reader 0212452209.


If the event is serious enough a National State of Emergency may be declared or the Mayor may declare a local State of Emergency. Declaring a state of emergency is a critical part of New Zealand’s response arrangements. It is the declaration of a state of emergency that provides Controllers and others with extra-ordinary powers designed to deliver an effective and swift response.

In the event of a large emergency Plimmerton’s Community Emergency Hub (formerly the Civil Defence Centre) would be set up at Plimmerton School at the request of PEOC and staffed by volunteers trained by WREMO. It would include radio communications with PEOC.

Plimmerton Residents’ Association has purchased four hand held VHF walkie-talkie radios which we are permitted to use on a number of Emergency Operations frequencies. These give coverage to Plimmerton, Mana and Camborne and would be used for local reconnaissance and reporting back to the Community Hub for relay to PEOC where help would be directed as needed.

The Hub would be the gathering place for people seeking or offering help as well as a place for reporting incidents and local dangers such as slips or broken sewers. It would not be a Welfare Centre unless specifically requested by PEOC.

Civil Defence

These are your local civil defence centres in the Porirua City area:

  • Pukerua Bay School – 89 Rawhiti Rd, Pukerua Bay
  • Plimmerton School – School Rd, Plimmerton
  • Pauatahanui School – Pauatahanui
  • Discovery School – Pullen Lane, Whitby
  • Papakowhai School – Spey Place, Papakowhai
  • Tairangi School – Omapere St, Waitangirua
  • Porirua City Council Depot – Prosser St
  • Battle Hill Farm Forest Park, Paekakariki Hill Rd
  • Titahi Bay Fire Station – Titahi Bay

For more information about civil defence check out and WREMO

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