Plimmerton Community Support Network

Discussion starters and immediate actions for street group coordinators

In future, communication will be totally through your street groups, so everyone, please get connected.

1.  Medical attention
People may be injured in any emergency situation. We are advised to call 111 or contact our local medical centres but in some situations this may not be possible.

Action: Keep a record of people in your street group who have medical qualifications (doctors, nurses, other medical professionals like vets and dentists) and note everyone who has a first aid qualification.

would members of your street group like to do a first aid course? Let us know. If there’s interest we will facilitate this.

2.   Shelter
If possible people should stay in their own homes. Handy people in your group may be able to assist by making minor repairs to make houses safe. If homes are not habitable then people need to find alternative shelter.

Keep a note on your group list of tradespeople and those handy with tools who may be able to do this important mahi.

Action and discussion: 
If people cannot stay in their homes they will need to find indoor or outdoor areas where they can shelter.

Have a think and email your group’s ideas for outdoor (for tents, motor homes etc.) and indoor spaces in our area where people could find shelter.

3.  Water
Everyone should have drinking water supply at hand for their families. We recommend that residents think about buying a 200 litre water tank from PCC for just $110. (You can buy them over the counter and take them home in your car).

Action: encourage all your street group residents to update their supplies of water and non perishable food.

Discussion: Research how much water is needed per person in each household for drinking, cooking and washing etc every day.

4.  Food
Christchurch earthquake survivors found that having a communal street meal once a day was a good way to keep in touch, offer help, seek assistance, share resources and support each other through trying times. So who in your group has a gas BBQ? Who has gas bottles? Who can cook food in other ways for a shared meal?

Action: update your street group list with information on cooking and fuel supplies in your street.

Discussion: What useful skills and equipment do members of your street group have to contribute to a daily communal street meal.

5.  Sanitation
Have you thought about where you will GO when a disaster strikes?

Discussion and action: Every home should have a big bucket, an old toilet seat and disinfectant in their emergency kit. And a spade. If sewer and drainage pipes break in an earthquake for example we will all need to build toilets on our properties.Who will organise this in your street? Who are the people who will need help in your street to set this up?

We are revising the emergency plan for Plimmerton. The points above are from some of the key areas covered in that plan.

If you have ideas and would like to contribute please contact
This plan could help your family and friends to survive the next emergency event.
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