Street groups up and running
in Plimmerton Camborne:

Grays Road

Grays Rd bottom from Vetsmart business up to the Plimmerton Bowling club on that side. And on the other side 10,12,14,18 & 20 Grays Road and 6 Taupo Crescent

Taupo Crescent

2-6, 14-20 Taupo Cres
Lower Taupo  3-11, 8-12
15 – 23 Taupo Cres
22-34 Taupo Cres
Upper Taupo  Evens 36-46
Upper Taupo Cres, odds 25 -37

Reserve Road

1 Reserve Rd

Moana Road

Moana Rd 1-24
Moana Rd 55-64

Mo Street

Lily Close

Sunflower Close

James Street

Mervyn Place

Mervyn Place all -plus Grays Rd 52, 31, 33, 35B
Perhaps do Arapawa

Trispen Place

Gordons Road

70 onwards
Gordon Road ( 26-39+) 

Beach Road

Sunset Road


Cluney Road

Airlie Road

Austell Close

1-18 & 1,3,5,7, 9

Pendennis Point

+ Austell Close

Toups Road

Motuhara Road

Lower Motuhara Road (up to Corlett)
Motuhara Road (72, 74, 76, 78, 80 on the even side and 51, 53 and 55)
Motuhara Road 91 to 141 and 126 to 163


Pope Street

Pope Street 19-31


Ulrich Street and North Point

Steyne Avenue, Bath and Queen

Ogilvy Terrace

Lagden Street

Roys Road

The Track

Street groups getting organised:

Ogilvy Terrace

dividing the street into three groups

In Camborne:

Paua, Arapawa, Tregony, Tremaine and Tregear Places and Bodmin Terrace …  sorting the overlaps and crossovers!

Corlett Road

Pope Street

Three groups working with a gap

Mana Esplanade

Going well

Pendennis Point and Aspel Close

Nearly there

Streets not yet covered … watch this space:

Moana Road

some gaps from 24-55 and 65 onwards

Motuhara Road

gaps along this stretch so let us know

School Road

Roys Road

If you are in one of these areas with no street group up and running yet, talk to your neighbours and friends and get one cracking! Strong street groups save lives and protect property.

Find out how to start one here

If you don’t see your street listed, let us know at

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