Mana Island Exhibition

Mana Island exhibition at Pataka Art + Museum 3 August to 2 September

Friends of Mana Island has an exhibition at Pataka in the Bottle Creek Gallery throughout august. The theme is celebrating our volunteers and it recognises  FOMI’s 40th anniversary this year!

The exhibition features photos taken over the last 20 years with volunteers working on projects such as planting, and seabird and lizard relocations.

The centrepiece is a fantastic large new model of Mana Island meticulously constructed by lo9cal model maker Doug Royson. There’s a great video generously produced by local company Kaboose Media. Panorama photos show the progress of plantings on the island from when it was still farmland till now. Quite a transformation!

During August FOMI is hosting a Sunday short talks programme at 2pm in the gallery on the theme How to restore an island. Scientists and volunteers will participate in these talks.

See the FOMI website for the programme http:/