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Lead a project team to accomplish something you feel passionate about

Help your family and friends by enhancing our environment

PRA welcomes energetic interested people to either join a particular project team or to come onto to the executive committee.

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PRA runs specific projects and it also supports other community-led projects.

Usually one person on a project team will report in to the committee

on progress so other team members can work on the project itself.

The Taupo Plimmerton Heritage Trail is a good example. Keen local historians researched content for the website and signage. They worked on the presentation of trail plaques, maps and printed material. Their progress was reported by a committee member of their team.

The Menz Shed is another example where PRA has supported a community initiative. Committee member Dave Anderson is the shed manager and her reports to PRA committee regularly on developments at the community shed. 

This system allows us to tap into the skills and passions of residents who want to focus on their area of interest for the community.

Two of our biggest projects ever … redevelopment of Karehana Park and refurbishment of our heritage railway station … also ran on the same system.

Team leaders Allan Dodson ran the station refurb project and Roger Johnston the park redevelopment over many years and were the liaison points with the PRA committee.


These are the roles and responsibilities of committee members.

The descriptions can vary to accommodate the skills and experience of those in the roles.

Chair or co-chairs run meetings, sign documents, act as spokespersons when appropriate, represent PRA at external meetings as required.

Current year: Roger Watkin

Treasurer: set up and manage bank accounts, set up and authorise payments, prepare monthly financial reports, prepare end of year financials and organise review, prepare draft budget, prepare Service Performance Report for Charities services, maintain records and returns for Companies Office and charities Services, maintain a relationship with these organisations.

Current year: Don Gray 

Secretary: administration management, manage submissions, manage grant applications, work with treasurer on all areas of reporting, revise constitution, keep systems up to date. 

Current year: Robin Jones

Communication/membership relationships: brand management, plan comms strategy, manage comms activities (website, newsletters, Facebook posts, gmail account overview, signage and posters etc with assistance from comms team members)

Current year: Carolyn Williams

Database and email mailing list management: add new members, ensure all financial members are on Mail Chimp, create a mailing list for current members who have not paid this year yet, manage lists so sub groups can be communicated with.

Current year: Warrick Procter

Village planning programme liaison: work with PCC to design, produce and complete planned projects under village planning programme. 

Current year: Carolyn Williams/Dave Anderson

KiwiRail PACE project: liaise with project manager and team as design work is completed for the third platform, new underpass and additional station building. Liaise re moving of shed. Liaise re upgrade of underpasses and temporary moving of murals if appropriate.

Current year: Dave Anderson/Carolyn Williams

Security cameras: physical maintenance, technical maintenance, police liaison.

Current year: David Verrinder

Big Spring Clean: organise event, liaise with PCC re supplies of gloves, bags etc and pick up of rubbish collected, liaise with fire brigade re transport of volunteers to clean up sites, organise a sponsor and after match barbecue

Current year: David Verrinder

Traffic management: liaise with PCC engineers and traffic management staff re. traffic trouble spots. Liaise with Police re-enforcing speeding and other regulations here.

Current year: Roger Watkin

Minute secretary: arrange monthly meetings, prepare and send agendas, take minutes, prepare action lists and circulate with minutes.

Current year: Philippa Gander

Heritage: continue producing heritage trail fliers and brochures, carry out oral histories, research Plimmerton Domain stories and photos.

Current year: ex committee Deirdre Dale and Mary Beckett

Emergency management: advise community of training opportunities and open days, keep community informed of developments and encourage responsible involvement, represent Plimmerton in local emergency management organisations.

Current year: ex committee Chris Collins


As you can see there’s a lot going on and your skills and experience could

be just what Plimmerton needs! Contact us if you are keen to work in a project

team or to be on the committee

Roles for YOU now

Currently we need people to:

  • Manage relationships with local schools … in particular relating to road safety and upcoming developments here in rail and roading.

  • Form partnerships with environmental and community organisations so PRA can support as required

  • Work in the Menzshed, and work on developing its future


Our communication team has developed a look and style that makes PRA communication

stand out on social media, in emails and in the environment. This style guide is for the

information of committee, members and those working with PRA. All design work

is carried out by professionals on our communications team.

View the style guide PDF by clicking here

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