Rail underpass murals

Murals have been created by local children to promote community projects in Plimmerton. These also serve to deter tagging which had been a perennial problem in the underpass. The first six murals were designed and produced by students at six local schools and reflected life in Plimmerton. 

An initiative titled bring back the birds was started at the same time as Pest Free Plimmerton was starting its great work in 2016. They procured wooden pest tunnels to trap rats and mice on residential and public property as well as buying and installing a network of bigger traps to rid the area of rats and mustelids (stoats etc). PRA invested $5000 in these larger traps (the ‘ring of steel’). Students created two murals showing the birds returning to Plimmerton.

Plimmerton school students created two further murals to promote the heritage trail and most recently another group of students from Plimmerton School created two further murals to promote the current projects under way in Plimmerton domain.

Again these murals were developed by students working with professional artist Rachel Benefield. These artworks were funded by Porirua City Council’s village programme.

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