Plimmerton Domain replanting and redevelopment

The newly completed fenced dog exercise area at the northern end of the domain will be complemented with planting to help control water levels around that area. The planting plan has been completed by Friends of the Taupo Stream and Catchment (FOTSC) who have also organised funding and sourced the plants.

Porirua City Council has decommissioned the grassed areas of the domain from playing fields to reserve status so they will not formally be used or maintained as sports fields.

Planting will go around the dog park and across the centre of the domain and along the banks of the Taupo Stream.

The stream banks will be planted with fast growing natives to help shade the stream to discourage the invasive pond weed which is choking it currently.

Their planting plans can be seen on their Facebook page

Plimmerton Residents’ Association will support this initiative by FOTSC and PCC by promoting and supporting community working bees to get the planting under way.

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